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Exclusive Services

Buena Vista Sport Fishing Resort

Located on the river Maria Linda,

we are the only waterfront resort in Guatemala with our boats docked at our private marina. 

As our guest, you will step off one of our well equipped boats right onto our private dock.

Boasting a waterfront restaurant, manicured gardens, two swimming pools,  and volcanic views, our property is the ideal location for weddings, conferences, and retreats.

After seventeen years of operation, we know these waters and have the best Captains and mates to make your next fishing trip the adventure of a lifetime.

Our Rooms

Our comfortable rooms located in front of one of the Mangrove nature reserves on the Pacific coast will make your awakening accompanied by the singing of local birds, and our Peacock. Forget the noisy Traffic, or feel locked in 4 walls.

Our rooms fully equipped with Air Conditioning, Hot and Cold Water, TV, Private Bathroom, Bottles Water, Free laundry every day, will make you forget, even for a few days, the daily burden of working.

Pool & Facilities

Just imagine!

You are coming back from fishing at 4:30 pm, and all you want to do is jump in the pool - " Boom " - We can bring your welcome cocktail and appetizers for you to the pool.

But if your plan is to hang out or read your favorite book, our hammocks next to the river will relax you to the fullest.

Boat Service Ramp

Our 28-foot wide Boat Service Ramp is ideal for servicing your boat.

With 7 degrees of inclination, our ramp is ideal for gently lifting your boat out of the water.

24 hour security, fresh water for service, electricity and best of all, the hotel and restaurant is right here so you can rest while the mechanic works.

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Our Restaurant

Our iconic ranch in front of the Maria Linda river is the ideal start for each day, Tasting a 100% Guatemalan coffee and watching the sunrise is the best way to recharge your energy.

Our Chapin breakfasts, or steak and eggs will make you feel truly out of town, and don´t forget let us know if there is a birthday boy or girl in your group, to bring the mariachis and sing together, Ajua!

Check our menu and enjoy our dishes prepared with a lot of love and with fresh local products.

Our Docks

Just one step to the restaurant and two steps to your room, it has never been so convenient for you after a long day of fishing.

And on your way out to the ocean, enjoy the ride on the Maria Linda river, waching the local people fishing and crabbing along to the island.

Special Events

Allow us to create for you the best experience in your special events, we have a huge area to accommodate up to 400 guests.  Consent yourself!

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