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1 Blue Marlin 2 of 2 Sailfish Released & 2 Dorados 45 Lbs 1 de 15 Lbs

There is a saying in English that if you keep doing the same thing you’re probably going to continue to get the same results. Instead of waiting till the normal 7 AM to leave the dock an hour and a half after sunup we decided to leave early and try to be where we have been getting or tuna bites at sunup. It all worked out perfect and at 6 AM we were trolling through spinner dolphins covered with birds. I just knew it was all going to come together and be one of our best tuna days ever when A 500 pound blue showed up to wreck the party. Two hours and 20 minutes later we had a release 😎and no idea where the tuners had gotten off to🤔. Go figure that’s fishing. We were able to release two sail fish and put some stud mahi on the dock one of which was a 50 pounder.

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