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By: Jake Jiles and Kendall Ballinger - April 6

Yesterday, we arrived at Buena Vista in Iztapa, Guatemala. Had a beverage and got an early night in. This morning, the staff at BV got the boat fueled for Kendall and I, and we left the dock at the leisurely crack of 9:45am. It was just the two of us on the boat with beautiful weather and within an hour of leaving the dock, we were fishing. It was slow for the first hour. The first bite of the day was a striped marlin, switched to the 50 wide, but hook pulled shortly into it. Then we got out to where the sails were. In two hours of fishing, 2 rods plus 2 teasers we had 21 bites and got the hook in 11. Kendall got to catch a few- her first billfish. I got to catch a few. We both took turns driving, and I did all the rigging, hooking, and wiring. We made it back to the dock early and cleaned the boat, and now a five star meal. Super fun day with babe and we got our fill of Sailfish for the day, a little bit of sunburn, and probably go catch some roosterfish tomorrow. Jody and Suzy get here tomorrow and Robert Arrington will be here in a few days. All is good in the world.

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