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Fishing report April 28 - by Capt. Jake Hiles

Today, we went fishing for a half day on the monkey business. It was a little bit rough by Giatemalan standarda, but the fish were right where we left them yesterday, 12 miles out. It is absolutely crazy fishing here right now. UNLIMITED AMOUNTS of 20-40# dolphin and packs of sails breaking on the surface under birds. It's national geographic fishing down here now. We wanted to just do a quick trip so we didn't bring much bait. We fished for an hour and a half and burned through 30 baits, catching 3 nice dolphin and releasing 8 Sailfish. Nowhere else in the world do you find consistent world class fishing as here on the Pacific coast of Guatemala. Some of the boats fishing with full groups on all day trips are getting triple digit amounts of shots at Sailfish- 12 miles off the beach... Thanks you to Jody Guatemala and Buena Vista Sportfishing Resort for what has been an amazing trip so far.

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